NHL Maximizes Fan Engagement Using A Light-Hearted Quiz Activation

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To activate and drive engagement amongst its large fan base, NHL has published a quiz activation to its website, titled ‘Guess That NHL Smile!’. With a range of photos featuring smiles of various NHL players, fans are encouraged to identify the unique hockey grins – the ultimate entertainment for hockey lovers!


    • Activate NHL’s fan base and drive engagement using an entertaining quiz theme
    • Use social sharing actions to inspire social conversation
    • Drive website traffic from NHL app users to maximize quiz entries and engagement


NHL players are renowned for showing off their famous smiles, so to entertain its fans and followers, NHL has featured the most unique hockey grins in this hilarious, engaging quiz published to its website. Participants are taken through 10 light-hearted questions, where they must match each smile to one of the three hockey players listed. NHL has also added a few subtle clues and hints within each question to trigger fans’ memories… but do they have what it takes to get top marks?

On completion of the quiz, participants are presented with their scores, as well as an answer key so that fans can try again and improve their knowledge (not everyone’s perfect!). To maximize campaign reach, and to boost the number of entries, NHL has also included social sharing actions to Twitter and Facebook, where fans can challenge their friends to beat their score.

To drive traffic to the NHL website, and to further maximize entries, NHL is also promoting the quiz campaign to its app users using mobile notifications.

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