North Highland Celebrates Employee Success Across The Globe With Storytelling Social Hub

Jessica Williams Consultancy

To reflect its own brand values and beliefs, North Highland has integrated a social hub within its website, encouraging its employees to share their best photos and inspirational work stories to demonstrate their most memorable successes and challenges.


  • Reinforce and celebrate North Highland’s own brand values
  • Bring together and motivate employees by recognizing inspirational success stories
  • Showcase authentic UGC within the North Highland website


Global management consulting firm, North Highland, is celebrating and recognizing the success of its employees in its newly launched social hub – uniting and bringing together inspirational UGC across global offices. Whether it be relative to professional growth, how a strong team spirit brought about success, or perhaps providing a lesson on how to overcome certain challenges, North Highland is excited to hear its employees unique stories.

To get involved, participants can submit their stories directly via the form provided on North Highland’s website, and can attach and upload the photo they wish to be featured on the social wall. The organization even generated campaign materials to share with all employees so that they have a unified way of photographing and encapsulating their story on a piece of paper. Employees can then enter their personal details including their name, email address and office location to complete their submission.


North Highland is sharing its appreciation for employees by showcasing the best submissions amongst its #NHMakers social wall featured within the campaign page. Visitors can also filter submissions within the social wall by office location, where they can see what their teammates greatest achievements are. A little inter-office competition, perhaps?


To incentivize participation, North Highland will also start offering prizes to randomly selected winners, giving employees every reason to get involved!


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