How NYCFC Leverage UGC to Enhance Stadium Experience For Fans

Georgia ScottLast Updated: Sports

To showcase the anticipation and excitement from soccer fans during their live home matches, NYCFC are capturing and publishing their fans’ best UGC on the stadium’s Jumbotron.

Marketing Campaign Objectives

  • Use digital engagement to enhance in-venue experience
  • Encourage ticket holders to create and share entertaining UGC
  • Real-time UGC curation and publishing of a sporting event
  • Amplify fan engagement on big screen

UGC Jumbotron Solution

Across the globe, sports fans are actively taking and uploading photos to social networks, as the drama of a sporting event takes place right in front of them. Therefore, New York City Football Club have taken the opportunity to capture their fans’ best user-generated content moments and showcase them on the big screen.

NYCFC launched their updated UGC activation at last Sunday’s 2-2 thriller against Toronto FC. It will continue to be used for all their remaining home fixtures of the season. To get involved, ticket holders simply had to cast their eyes on the Jumbotron, where they were encouraged to ‘Support Your City’ and share content to Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #NYCFC.

Using the Advocacy feature of the Wayin platform, NYCFC were able to utilize existing platform technology already familiar with their digital team to discover, curate and publish this social content from ticket holders, during the live in-venue experience directly onto the Jumbotron.

As a result, this tactic of live digital engagement provided a fresh and contemporary angle for NYCFC to entertain over 30,000 fans attending the game. As well as capture authentic UGC and create a buzz of social conversation around the widely used hashtag.

Take a look at Julian and Bobby from Wayin getting involved in the action.


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