NZ Herald Leverages Sponsorship To Drive Data Acquisition And Engagement

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To promote Australia’s popular paradise state, Queensland, NZ Herald is testing reader’s knowledge with a sweepstakes published to its website, sponsored by House of Travel and Queensland Australia.


  • Capture actionable audience data and marketing opt-ins for sponsors
  • Provide website visitors with an engaging and interactive experience
  • Promote Queensland as a location hotspot to incentivize tourism
  • Drive website traffic to NZ Herald’s web page ‘Must-Do Queensland Experiences’
  • Inspire social sharing through Facebook to maximize campaign entries


Famous for being home to the paradise Great Barrier Reef, as well as surfing beaches across the coast, and not forgetting the beautiful rainforests hidden deep within the state, it’s not surprising that Queensland, located in North East Australia, attracts visitors from across the world. To promote Queensland as a location hotspot, NZ Herald published a visual sweepstakes to its website, sponsored by House of Travel and Queensland Australia.

NZ Herald is testing its reader’s knowledge of the state in its ‘Think You Know Queensland’ sweepstakes. To get involved, participants are required to browse the 9 featured images, and select the ones that they think were taken in Queensland. From swimming in crystal clear waters with sea turtles, to a slightly more obscure dinosaur watching on the beach, the options act as an engaging and interactive experience for website visitors to get involved with. And, as an incentive for participation, those who enter have the chance to win 1 of 8 $1000 House of Travel Queensland vouchers.


To enable NZ Herald to capture valuable audience data for sponsors House of Travel, and Queensland Australia, on submission, participants are required to complete their personal details, and can ‘opt-in’ to receive future marketing communications from each organization. After submitting this information, participants are provided with their result from their answers, and are encouraged to start planning their winter escape in Queensland by exploring NZ Herald’s ‘Must-Do Queensland Experiences’ webpage. Participants are also encouraged to share the campaign with their friends through Facebook, in turn maximizing the number of campaign entries.




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