On-Demand Webinar: The End of Advertising As We Know It, And What Will Replace It

Jessica Williams Webinar

Join renowned Forrester Analyst, James McQuivey, Reckitt Benckiser Chief Digital Officer, Adam Stewart and Wayin CEO, Richard Jones for an on-demand webinar as they discuss the latest research on the changes of digital advertising, and how the industry will evolve to better connect brands to consumers. A must watch for anyone in marketing, digital and advertising that wants to get ahead of the game.

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Key Learnings:

  • People no longer engage with ads. In fact 50% of people actively avoid them.
  • Consumers have had enough of ads they can’t interact with that interrupt their browsing experience.
  • Ad experiences need to become new and innovative like they once were a long time ago if they want to connect with consumers.
  • Brands need to focus on delivering experiences within ads that pique consumer interest and encourage engagement.


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