Pets at Home Drives Voting Amongst VIP Members With Conversational Forms

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To help understand consumer insights and product preferences, Pets at Home published an interactive, research-focused campaign experience specifically targeted at its VIP members as part of its ‘My VIP Awards’. With various categories and product choices, participants could make their way through a set of automated, engaging questions in a conversational form with ‘Kate’.


  • Understand consumer insights and product preferences by allowing VIP members to vote on selected categories and products
  • Replace costly and lengthy research techniques with efficient, automated conversational forms
  • Capture valuable audience data for highly personalized future marketing promotions


Being a Pets at Home VIP member definitely comes with its perks; with regular in-store and online discounts, as well as tailored offers, news, tips and tricks, it’s a dream come true for pet owners and animal lovers. Exclusive to VIP members, Pets at Home has created an interactive conversational form, where members are guided through a set of automated questions where they can vote for their animal product preferences. With editor of My VIP, Kate, on hand to provide the predetermined questions, participants are taken through what feels like a one-to-one, seamless voting experience. As a thank you for voting, participants are automatically entered into a prize draw to win one of five Pets at Home gift vouchers worth £100.

With three unique product categories including Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing, and Accessories, participants can vote for their favorite, go-to products carefully selected by the Pets at Home expert panel. To make the experience as easy and engaging as possible, participants can choose to only answer the questions applicable to them and the pets they own.

To validate their entry, participants are asked to type and submit their first name, last name and email address, acting as valuable first-party data. This data can then be used to re-target consumers with relevant and personalized marketing content based on their product preferences.


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