Powershop Adopts Cheeky Brand Narrative With Live Poll Activation

Jessica Williams Energy

Known for its fun and lighthearted brand personality, Powershop NZ is utilizing the Wayin platform to tell more funny brand stories with the introduction of its ‘Spring Fling’ poll. Whether Powershop fans’ first spring fling was a frolic to forget, or two peas in a pod, the live poll activation is there to reveal the truth.

Campaign Marketing Objectives

  • Use an interactive experience to tell a compelling and humorous brand story
  • Capture valuable audience data from prospects and customers
  • Increase conversions with easy and fun route to entry
  • Reward loyal customers with additional prize incentives

Live Poll Solution

Powershop has launched a rather cheeky ‘Spring Fling Power Poll’ campaign to its Facebook page, asking followers, “What sums up your first Spring Fling?” Participants can get involved by simply choosing one of three unique options: a) a frolic to forget, b) two peas in a pod, or c) catch and release.

To complete their entry, fans simply need to provide a few personal details and select whether or not they are a customer, enabling Powershop to capture rich audience data for future marketing activities and also understand the makeup of their Facebook audience base.


As a way of rewarding both loyal customers and supporting Facebook followers, while providing an incentive for participation, Powershop is giving participants the chance to win a selection of prizes, including a Fitbit Charge 2 HR, and $100 Go Gardening gift cards.

For those seeking some light entertainment while browsing the campaign page and to further encourage entries, Powershop also embedded a live poll activation within the campaign, where all votes submitted so far are revealed.



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