Powershop Drives Consumer Engagement With Compelling Reveal Campaign

Jessica Williams Energy

Known for its entertaining and compelling campaign creations, Powershop NZ is back with a newly launched ‘Shift To Win’ reveal campaign. Participants can get involved through its website, where they are simply required to answer the daily question to unlock another clues to the codeword for the chance to win.


      • Drive interaction and engagement amongst Powershop’s current and prospect customers
      • Reward loyal Powershop customers and fans with exciting prize incentives
      • Capture valuable audience data from both prospects and customers
      • Increase conversions with a simple and enjoyable route to entry


Bad things happen when power is in the wrong hands, so at Powershop, they’re giving followers the power to make delightful things happen by challenging followers with a unique reveal campaign. After 11am each day, visitors can click on the statement to begin their entry, and can click on the answer from the drop down that they think needs power shifting.

To confirm their submission, participants can enter their personal contact details, including their name, email address, home address and phone number. They can also select whether or not they are already a Powershop customer, providing valuable audience data for Powershop’s future marketing activities, and also helps to pinpoint the makeup of its audience database for personalized messaging. After participants have completed the entry form, they will unlock a new letter to make up the code word, and after 9 days they will have a scrambled codeword.

To incentivize participation, Powershop is giving away a bunch of exciting spot prizes each and every day. From $100 Prezzy cards, to a black FitBit Alta HR, as well as a grand prize of $500 worth of Powershop credit to whoever manages to cracks the code, there is something for everyone!

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