Powershop Launches Data-Centric Live Poll Activation To Entertain Its Followers

Jessica Williams Energy

Known for its entertaining and compelling campaign creations, Powershop NZ is back with a newly launched live poll activation, asking its Facebook fans ‘What’s your superpower?’. The poll not only drives data acquisition, but it makes the perfect way to engage and interact with prospects and current customers. And, using Wayin’s ability to easily clone and reuse campaigns, Powershop can continue to re-publish new ‘Power Polls’ campaigns at speed.


  • Drive interaction and engagement amongst Facebook fans
  • Reward loyal Powershop customers and fans with exciting prize incentives
  • Capture valuable audience data from prospects and customers
  • Increase conversions with a simple and enjoyable route to entry


Let’s admit it, at some point we’ve all dreamed of having a special superpower. Powershop is keeping us all young at heart and is entertaining Facebook followers by launching a lighthearted live poll activation, where fans can select the dream superpower they would have if they were to transform into a powerful superhero.

Whether it be invisibility, super strength, or to travel in time, participants can get involved by selecting their favorite of five superpowers within the poll in return for the chance to win some exciting prizes, including a pair of All Birds, a selection of board games, and much more!

To complete their entry, fans must provide a few personal details including their name, email address, home address and phone number, and can select whether or not they are a customer. This enables Powershop to capture rich audience data for future marketing activities, and also helps to understand the makeup of their Facebook audience database.

As a way of maximizing entertainment value, in turn enticing further campaign entries, Powershop has also embedded a live poll activation within the campaign to reveal all the votes submitted so far.

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