Powershop Customers ‘Unlock’ Exciting Daily Prizes With Reveal Campaign Activation

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To surprise and delight customers with exciting daily prizes throughout the run up to Christmas, Powershop has launched a reveal campaign activation, designed to entertain and encourage repeat audience visitation.


    • Maximize engagement amongst campaign visitors and encourage repeat visitation
    • Reward loyal Powershop customers with exciting daily prize giveaways
    • Drive campaign awareness with sharing activations through Twitter and Facebook


Often known for its unique and quirky marketing campaigns, New Zealand based electricity provider, Powershop, has recently launched a visually exciting ‘reveal’ campaign. With 12 days of prizes and surprises ‘that aren’t crap!’ (in the words of Powershop), Powershop is thanking its customers for their lasting loyalty by generating excitement with surprise gifts throughout the final days leading up to Christmas.

The campaign ‘It’s a wrap’ features 12 mystery prizes, where each new prize is unlocked daily and announced by Powershop employees in an entertaining video. With prizes varying from $50 worth of power, USB chargers, and even soap on a rope, Powershop has included a countdown activation to display when each next big prize reveal will take place, driving anticipation amongst followers.


To thank its customers for their continuous support, Powershop is choosing winners at random from its customer base. Also, to encourage repeat visitation, Powershop is listing all the lucky winners from that day in its prize reveal video, giving customers every reason to keep an eye out and watch each video release!


Within each prize reveal page, Powershop has included ‘sharing’ call-to-action icons where visitors can share the campaign with their friends through Twitter and Facebook, helping to maximize campaign reach.


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