How Powershop Uses Trump-Inspired Meme Generator To Drive Personalized UGC

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To coincide with the US presidential election, and to capitalize on the vast coverage surrounding Donald Trump, Powershop New Zealand gave its followers the power to control the ‘Trump’ conversation with its unique meme generator campaign.


  • Capitalize on topical debates to offer consumers a fun and unique campaign experience
  • Encourage fans to create and share branded meme generated content
  • Capture valuable audience data from prospects and customers
  • Spread brand awareness and maximize omni-channel campaign reach
  • Use video content on Facebook and Youtube to drive campaign traffic to website


To sustain the brand narrative and engagement from its previous Trump-inspired ‘Power You Can Love’ campaign, Powershop New Zealand created a highly engaging interactive meme generator campaign to bring some fun to the big debate.

The campaign was embedded to a microsite and featured a series of uncompleted Donald Trump quotes. Contestants simply needed to complete the quote by filling in the missing gaps from a choice of available buzzwords or by writing their own for a more personalized experience.


To capture valuable audience data from both prospects and customers, participants could then complete their quote submission by entering a few personal details directly through the provided form. Upon submission, the Wayin platform intuitively filtered any negative words, ensuring that all meme submissions were kept lighthearted and inoffensive as per the campaign terms and conditions.


Entries were displayed on an interactive gallery on the campaign page, where visitors could share their favorite memes across Twitter or Facebook. Taking an omni-channel approach and to maximize reach both online and offline, Powershop featured the best, most hilarious quotes on a digital bus shelter throughout Auckland and Wellington in New Zealand for commuters and by-passers to see. As well as enabling consumers to take part on print display billboards and share their submissions on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #KiwisTrumpTrump.

If creating hilarious Donald Trump quotes wasn’t enough of a reason for followers to get involved, Powershop also held 3 weeks of prize-giveaways up until the big election date on the 8th November to reward the loyalty of its followers and current customers.


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