How Collects Zero-Party Data To Drive True Personalization

Jessica Williams Travel, Zero-Party Data

For 20 years has been satisfying vacation goers thirst for wanderlust by finding the best flight and accommodation deals and delivering them in real-time to consumers.

But to deliver the right deals at the right time, Priceline required a laser-focused strategy to collect preference insights, vacation desires and motivations from its customers to power truly personalized marketing.

Enter Wayin, and our plethora of interactive experiences that incorporate incentive mechanics to ask rather than infer, and collect huge amounts of actionable zero-party data at speed and scale.

“With tools like Wayin we’re getting data directly from our customers. We are providing them with some sort of value, whether it’s a fun quiz to tell them what’s the best destination for them…we can use that information to better target them with content that’s of use to them.” – Erin Bruehl

Wayin CEO, Richard Jones sat down with Erin Bruehl, Brand Promotions and Social Media Lead at Priceline to discuss how it worked.

Although the modern vacationist wants their online privacy to respected and greater controls over their data, they also expect better personalized vacation recommendations, but actioned only from data that they have proactively shared with brands like Priceline.

Zero-party data is the next step in building genuine connections with vacationists. It is data your customer has willingly shared with you, like vacation desires and preferences to improve personalization and help build up a more complete picture of who they are.

Business Analysts Forrester agree, declaring that brands address consumer demands for privacy and personalization head-on by turning to zero-party data and list Wayin as one of the few ‘intention capture’ platforms.

“Wayin has become a critical engagement tool for us across touchpoints.” – Erin Bruehl


Forrester Q&A: What Marketers Need To Know About Zero-Party Data

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