Promotes New South Wales With Scavenger Hunt & Coupon Offers

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As the Australian winter months draw to a close and the warmer weather kicks in, is taking the perfect opportunity to promote all that New South Wales has to offer. With its latest Scavenger Hunt campaign, is taking website visitors through a selection of fun-filled quiz facts, as well as a customizable meme generator where they can create and personalize their own shareable NSW map.


  • Capture valuable first-party data using coupon incentives
  • Boost tourism in New South Wales by promoting hotspot locations
  • Create a fun online experience to drive engagement and social sharing amongst website visitors
  • Use exclusive online coupon codes to increase booking conversions


Known for being home to the iconic Sydney Opera House, the coastal town of Byron Bay, and a plethora of National Parks and reserves, it’s no wonder NSW makes the perfect tourist destination. As the countdown to Australian summer begins (not that we’re jealous at all), is promoting all that New South Wales has to offer in its latest Scavenger Hunt campaign, combining a quiz and meme generator mechanics.

Participants can work their way through the short quiz, whilst learning interesting facts surrounding all that NSW has to offer along the way. To educate as well as engage visitors, also informs participants of each correct answer as they progress throughout the quiz, and after completing each question, the NSW map outline gradually fills up with stunning images from each destination. On the fifth and final question, participants are invited to customize their image using Wayin’s meme generator mechanics. Participants are provided with a selection of Australian-inspired stickers which they can add to the map, and can add their own unique message above the image.

Before confirming their entry, participants are required to submit their name and email address in the form provided. To incentivize entries, is offering participants an exclusive 10% off Express Deal Coupon, and has included an ‘Explore Deals Here!’ call-to-action button on the confirmation page where visitors can explore the different vacation packages. What’s more, to maximize campaign reach, has also included social sharing actions to Twitter and Facebook, where participants can share their unique creations with their family and friends, and encourage them to get involved in the fun!

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