Provides Destination Recommendations Using Sponsored Category Quiz

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To promote Asia as the ultimate travel destination, has teamed up with Korean Air to carefully create an interactive five-question category quiz, providing personalized and recommended Asian destinations based on quiz responses to drive bookings.


  • Capture audience insights surrounding vacation activity preferences from quiz results
  • Use the dedicated hashtag #SpringIntoAsia to drive social conversation
  • Provide website visitors with an engaging and interactive experience
  • Obtain valuable audience data and opt-ins for future marketing promotions
  • Provide vacation destination recommendations to increase vacation bookings
  • Use sponsorship to maximize campaign awareness and increase audience reach


With the Summer season soon approaching, and with Spring in full swing, there’s no better time to plan a visit to the beautiful and highly popular continent, Asia, and with so much to offer, it’s hard to choose the best location to visit. is here to give a helping hand, where in partnership with Korean Air, it launched a category quiz to its website offering visitors the chance to win two round trip flights to their preferred city in return for their participation.

With a limit of one entry per day, participants are taken through a series of five unique questions in relation to their activity preferences, with five multiple-choice responses to choose from. Whether it be visiting the historic structures of Bangkok, relaxing in a nearby spa, or tucking into the local cuisine, want to hear what Asian destination puts the most spring in their step.


To obtain valuable audience data that can later be used for marketing promotions, upon completion of the #SpringIntoAsia quiz, participants are required to submit their name and email address to confirm their entry and can ‘opt-in’ to keep informed of the latest news and offers. To drive vacation bookings, participants are then provided with a recommended Asian destination, either the Philippines, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Seoul or Tokyo, where results are specifically suited to their activity preferences obtained from their quiz responses.


A ‘More Info’ call-to-action button is also featured to direct users to the website, helping to achieve its end goal of driving vacation bookings. What’s more, to maximize audience reach and drive campaign sharing, has included social sharing actions to Twitter and Facebook, and promotes the hashtag #SpringIntoAsia to track the latest social conversation.


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