Product Development Research: Air Wick Drives Responses With Personalized Questionnaire

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With product personalization an increasingly growing trend, Air Wick published a customized questionnaire to help inform its decision around personalized fragrance product development. Participants were guided through one of two routes for a highly interactive online experience that was unique to each individual.


  • Shift in focus to targeting of a millennial audience
  • Understand audience appetite and preferences to inform the development of personalized fragrance products
  • Replace costly and lengthy research techniques with efficient and effective online research
  • Develop a highly personalized experience to ensure a strong response rate
  • Capture valuable audience data and marketing opt-ins


Using the Wayin platform, Air Wick published a highly personalized, research-focused campaign targeted at millennials. The cost and time inefficiency linked to offline market research techniques were replaced with Wayin capabilities; enabling Air Wick to discover exactly what its target audience thought of its proposed personalized fragrances by utilizing questionnaire functionalities.

Its ‘Fragrance Selector’ campaign included two routes for participants to follow: ‘create your scent’ or ‘personalize a product’. When personalizing their product or scent, participants were taken through a set of questions and were required to choose one out of three products to personalize. On customizing their scent, participants could then choose the fragrance experience they’d like to have, whether it be to feel awake and energised, or enjoy the warmth and spice of the season.


Both routes led to an interactive meme generator, where participants could write a custom message on their chosen product or select to add one of the stylish pre-designed images.


After completing their personalized image, participants were asked if they would be prepared to spend a certain price for their unique product, followed by other key questions to inform Air Wick’s progress on product development. Participants could then submit their personal details and ‘opt-in’ for future marketing communications from Air Wick, which could later be used for promotion of the product. To maximize the number of responses for a deeper understanding of its target audience, Air Wick gave those who entered the chance to win the product they create, resulting in 15k campaign entries!

“We have demand from markets who want to activate the idea based on the results, which has been a completely new way to validate a concept.”

– Caroline Stewart, Global Digital Brand Manager, Reckitt Benckiser


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