® Sets The Holiday Mood With Seasonal Customizable Spotify Playlists

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To get its social media audience and website visitors feeling festive,® has launched an exciting Holiday Home Playlist campaign using Wayin’s Spotify Playlist expansion app. Visitors are guided through a series of fun seasonal song categories from which they can pick and mix their favorites to create their very own custom playlist saved to their personal Spotify account.


  • Engage and delight social media audience and website visitors with a unique, on-brand, seasonal campaign
  • Inspire users to bring the fun and warmth of holiday music into their homes—or wherever the season takes them
  • Maximize campaign reach by encouraging users to share their custom playlists on social media as a fun way to connect with loved ones during the holidays


The holidays just aren’t the same without a festive playlist to get in the spirit. To help set the perfect mood in its social media followers’ and website visitors’ homes this season,® has published a fun-filled Holiday Home Playlist to its website.

Whether people desire an upbeat playlist to listen to while wrapping presents and decorating, songs to relax with while getting cozy by the fire with a holiday drink, or perhaps a classic party track to dance and “Cheers!” to,® is featuring a selection of the all-time best holiday songs to suit every mood and occasion throughout the season.

To start building their own personalized soundtrack, visitors are prompted to sign into their Spotify account before listening to and choosing their favorite tracks from each category. Upon completion, participants are given their own customized Holiday Home Playlist, which is saved to their Spotify account. This campaign gives® a fun and unique way to boost interaction and engagement with fans and followers throughout the holiday season. To maximize campaign awareness,® has also included social sharing actions to encourage people to share their personalized musical backdrops with their friends and family through Twitter and Facebook.

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