Reckitt Benckiser Collects First-Party Data & Boosts Brand Affinity Through Voting Contest

Danny O'Reilly CPG

Reckitt Benckiser’s product Gaviscon has been helping consumers cure upset stomachs and tackle heartburn for almost a century. A staple of medicine cupboards the world over, RB wanted to celebrate its upcoming 90 year anniversary in the Mexico market by fanfaring the kernel of Aztec nation; the Mariachi band.

Gaviscon (known as Picot in Mexico) launched a campaign to find the best Mariachi band in all of Mexico and consumers would get the opportunity to vote for their favourite. The triumphant band would not only have the honor of being the best in Mexico, but it would win the chance to record four tracks and their own show.


      • Boost brand affinity and awareness of Picot’s 90 year anniversary
      • Increase virality through the shareable content
      • Capture valuable audience data and marketing opt-ins for Picot


Reckitt Benckiser launched a dedicated microsite that would see the campaign through 4 key phases.

During the opening phase, budding musicians could upload their colorful and energetic Mariachi performances, and enter a small amount of PII data to submit. Phase 2 would see RB select the ‘top 10’ semi-finalists and consumers can vote for their favorite. Social sign-in is enabled for a seamless user experience and users can vote once every 24 hours.

Phase 3 will see the ‘top 5’ contest the final, with voting reopening, before the winner is announced on their own content hub complete with produced music video.

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