Ripley’s Launches Meme Generator Activation To Promote 2018 Annual ‘Shatter Your Senses!’

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In celebration of the latest, 2018 edition of the Ripley’s annual, ‘Shatter Your Senses!’, Ripley’s is entertaining website visitors with a newly launched meme generator campaign, titled ‘Shatter Yourself’. Visitors can upload and customize their best photos to become a featured Ripley’s exhibit and for the exciting chance to win a peculiar prize package.


  • Promote and drive sales for the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Shatter Your Senses! book
  • Create a fun, unique interactive experience for Ripley’s website visitors
  • Capture valuable audience data and marketing opt-ins for newsletter emails
  • Encourage brand advocates to create and share authentic UGC


With a brand new collection of bizarre facts, fascinating stories and mind-blowing photography, Ripley’s sure knows how to entertain its followers. In order to promote the launch of its 2018 annual ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Shatter Your Senses!’, Ripley’s is continuing to entertain and engage its audience online with an enjoyable meme generator campaign, published to its website.

Customized to create a cohesive feel alongside the theme of its new book, the ‘Shatter Yourself’ meme generator campaign encourages visitors to get involved by sharing their weirdest and best photos through the form provided. Once participants have uploaded their image, they can then rotate, enlarge and move the image to fit the frame before submitting, and can select their favorite caption stickers provided for total customization.


Upon submission, participants are required to complete their personal contact details, and can choose to opt-in to receive the Ripley’s email newsletter for exclusive offers and the latest news. To drive book sales directly from the campaign, Ripley’s has also included a call-to-action where visitors can head straight to the Amazon website to make their purchases.

What’s more, Ripley’s is encouraging participants to share their entry through Twitter and Facebook in order to maximize campaign reach, and is incentivizing participation by surprising a few of its favorite entries with a peculiar prize package! Fans can also keep an eye out on the campaign page, as Ripley’s is featuring the best entries in the gallery for website visitors to browse.

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