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The Wayin blog has now migrated to Cheetah Digital

In July 2019, Wayin was acquired by Cheetah Digital, the world’s largest independent enterprise cross-channel marketing technology company.

Cheetah Digital provides a unique combination of messaging and loyalty tool to empower marketers to build meaningful and lasting relationships with consumers. Combined with Wayin; the leading Zero-Party Data Platform, our unified offering will give empower marketers to collect the preference insights and permissions to power truly-personalized marketing across the entire customer lifecycle.

As we hastily seek to fully integrate the two organizations, the Wayin blog will now assimilate with Cheetah Digital’s on its website.

We will still be producing the same breadth of content: case studies from world-leading brands, celebrating our customer’s successes, insightful thought leadership blogs, and industry news – it will just have a new home.

What’s more, there will be discerning content from our new colleagues on Cheetah Digital on email messaging, personalization, loyalty and our combined solution.

Thank you for visiting the Wayin blog and we look forward to connecting with you over on Cheetah Digital.


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