How Schneiders® and Dreamworks Drives Data Acquisition From ‘Trolls’ Movie Fans

Jessica Williams CPG, Entertainment, sweepstakes

As the anticipation built before the release of the already popular movie, ‘Trolls’, Maple Leaf Foods’ brand, Schneiders®, celebrated by launching an engaging Trolls-themed sweepstakes promotion.


  • Capture rich audience data and opt-ins for future marketing promotions
  • Drive LunchMate sales by promoting its limited edition ‘Trolls’ range
  • Build awareness and anticipation of the Trolls movie and drive ticket sales
  • Use partnership to maximize campaign awareness


Prior to the release of the hilarious new movie ‘Trolls’, Schneiders® partnered with Dreamworks to launch a fun and interactive sweepstakes that was engaging for people of all ages! Schneiders® published the sweepstakes to its website, putting Trolls fans’ knowledge to the test by seeing if they could name the trolls featured on each limited edition LunchMate packet.


To get involved, participants were encouraged to answer one simple question surrounding each Trolls character, using the choice of four provided answers. Upon submission, participants could click on the ‘Am I Right?’ call-to-action button to see how much they really knew. Fans then had the option to complete the form provided in return for the chance to win two lunch kits a week… for an entire year!

NL18_Schneiders_InText2For Schneiders® to easily capture rich audience data that could be used for future marketing communications, the sweepstakes form required participants to submit their personal details including their name, email address, province, gender and age range. To provide Schneiders® with a deeper insight towards its target audience, participants were also asked whether they had children, and if so, their child’s age and gender. Upon entry, the form also included an ‘opt-in’ action for parents to receive further promotions and marketing communications if they wish.

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