Seven Network Tests Home And Away Fans’ Knowledge With Entertaining Challenge Quiz

Jessica Williams Broadcast Media

As the hit TV series; Home and Away makes a return to our screens, Seven Network has launched an entertaining, shareable challenge quiz on its website to drive anticipation ahead of the new season. Fans of the show can put their knowledge to the test in 10 challenging questions to see how much they really know!


      • Use the quiz activation to promote the new season of Home and Away
      • Drive and perpetuate website visits via a fun, shareable experience
      • Maximize fan participation and entries using social sharing actions


Calling all Home and Away fans! To promote, drive anticipation and increase viewership for the new season of the popular TV show; Home and Away, Seven Network is seeing how much viewers really follow the lifestyles of the sun-drenched residents with an interactive challenge quiz. Published to its 7plus website, participants can work their way through 10 multiple choice questions surrounding the soap.

From being able to name how many siblings Raffy Morrison has, to knowing what year Jasmine Delaney turned up in the bay, participants can answer each question before being presented with their score to see how much they really knew, as well as a fun description.

To maximize fan participation and to drive social sharing, Seven Network has included social sharing actions, where those who entered can then challenge their friends to beat their score by sharing the quiz through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+. Seven Network is also driving viewership of Home and Away by directing fans to watch the show on-demand on 7plus.

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