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Shell Drives True Omni-Channel Engagement With Coupon Activation

Danny O'Reilly Energy, Oil & Gas, Retail

To fanfare Marvel’s latest blockbuster movie release; Avengers: Endgame, the second highest grossing movie of all time, Shell launched a cross-channel coupon campaign giving customers the chance to win prizes ranging from an all-expenses paid vacation to tickets to catch the movie.

The Problem:

For all too many brands, there has always been a disconnect between bricks and clicks. For those brands with physical stores, there are many challenges: chiefly, collecting the data and permissions they need to drive loyalty and personalized marketing, but also harmonizing this with their online channels.

For years, brands bridged this gap with coupon codes. Whether it be CPG brands popping codes on detergent cartons to win a year’s supply of Alpine Fresh powder, or publishers printing codes in magazines to secure a vacation discount, brands have been using code campaigns to incentivize purchase and connect the world of physical stores and a brand’s digital presence to drive true omni-channel engagement.

However for behemoth brands like Shell, the challenge has always been how to run a campaign that involves millions of unique codes, validation, and instantly letting the customer know if they’ve won or lost.

Enter Wayin…

Campaign Objectives:

  • Drive true omni-channel engagement
  • Collect first-party data and marketing opt-ins
  • Boost loyalty amongst customers and repeat visitation


Code Gating from Wayin engages consumers wherever they interact with your product. This experience encourages your customers to enter a code they found on the packaging of your product or on a receipt to have a chance to win. Truly mixing the digital with the physical and delivering true omni-channel engagement.

Shell wanted to do just that for its UK customers. First, by turning brand fickle fuel purchasers into repeat visitors and loyal customers. And secondly, by building more meaningful connections with anonymous customers and getting their PII data into its marketing technology stack where it can be used for future marketing efforts to personalise the communication and offering.

Shell Code Gating

Upon spending £30 on fuel at a Shell station, customers were presented with one of over 3 million scratchcards which contained a unique code. Customers could enter their code online with a small amount of PII data on a dedicated microsite, where it would be instantly validated by the Wayin Platform to confirm that it had not already been used, and if it was a winner.

The data received is seamlessly pushed into Shell’s marketing stack when it can be used to power future campaigns and the used code voided.

622 Listed Shell Stations


Zero-Party Data Maturity Model

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