How Shimano Is Increasing Engagement with Niche Enthusiast Customers

Georgia ScottLast Updated: agency, instagram, Sports

Dispatch, a leading active lifestyle marketing agency, has formed a partnership with Wayin to create an engaging Instagram photo contest for its client, Shimano. The campaign aims to increase brand engagement in a specific consumer category: mountain biking.

Marketing Objectives

  • Stimulate repeat online brand engagement
  • Build the #ShimanoMTB community
  • Gather authentic fan photos and data

Instagram Contest Solution

How Shimano Is Increasing Engagement with Niche 'Bike' Enthusiast CustomersTo get involved, mountain bikers need to snap a photo while out on their favorite trail and then share their best shot on Instagram using the hashtag #ShimanoMTB. Entries are showcased on Shimano’s website along with an embedded countdown to add a sense of anticipation and drive entries.

To entice ongoing engagement, fans can enter daily and have the chance to win premium Shimano products weekly. The contest runs through the end of August, giving explorers plenty of chances to take part and increase their chances of winning.

The selection of the winner will take place in an impartial manner, with an independent committee selecting the best photo uploaded during the contest. The Grand Prize is the manufacturer’s new DEORE XT M8000 component group which elevates the original mountain bike group performance thanks to smart materials, precise shift quality and enhanced drivetrain stability.


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