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Signals 19: Top 6 Sessions To Bookmark

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Signals 19 is rapidly approaching. Our inaugural event will be attended by some of the world’s top B2C marketers, all eager to share and learn from one another.

We’ve carefully chosen thought leadership, keynotes, and hands-on breakout sessions that will inspire you to think bigger, be bolder, achieve loftier goals, and become the business leader you desire to be.

With that in mind, here are our 6 sessions not to be missed. See you in Chicago.

Thursday 24th September
Welcome Keynote: Delivering Next Generation Marketing

Join Sameer Kazi, Cheetah Digital CEO, as we kick-off Signals 19. In Sameer’s opening keynote he’ll look to the future rather than lamenting the past, and share his thoughts on how the ever-increasing expectations of the consumer, and the future of customer engagement.

Thursday 24th September
The Privacy Paradox: Permission Based Marketing in a Post-Cookie World

Today’s consumer expects true personalization, bespoke content and tailor-made product recommendations. All-the-while complemented with increased privacy and tighter data controls. This is the personalization-and-privacy paradox.

For marketers who still rely on third-party data sets, cookies and past purchases to power personalization strategies this is something of a headache. But for those marketers who are prepared to ask rather than infer, this is an opportunity to build more meaningful and lasting connections with consumers.

Thursday 24th September
Zero-Party Data And The Value Exchange Economy

The marketer’s job specification used to be a little more straightforward. But then came the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the enactment of global privacy legislation and the epiphany that much of this data that had been purchased from third-party vendors was stale and inaccurate.

In light of this, there has become a need to re-evaluate the relationship between brands and consumers and how marketers collect the data they use to power their campaigns. It’s time to embrace the value exchange economy.

The value exchange economy

Thursday 24th September
Change Agent Keyone: Beth Comstock

The former CEO and Vice Chair of General Electric will discuss the word that all brands fear: change.

In this inspiring and motivational keynote, Beth will show us it needn’t be – diving into what it takes to Imagine it Forward and create lasting, positive change in the enterprise space.

Friday 25th September
Client Panel: Turning In to Customer Signals

We’ve put together a top panel of industry experts and thought leaders to discuss the key question that faces all brands: how to turn one-off purchasers into loyal customers and brand advocates.

There will be insights and strategies for staying customer focused amid competing priorities, meeting the expectations of the ever-evolving consumer, and leveraging data to drive engagement and loyalty in the coming year.

Friday 25th September
Closing Keynote: Amy Purdy

We’re probably saving the best until last, where Amy Purdy will be closing the conference and sharing her incredible story. Amy survived near-certain death to become a two-time Paralympic medalist, the co-founder of Adaptive Action Sports, and more. In her inspiring closing keynote, Amy will share her powerful story and the lessons she’s learned along the way.

Check out the full agenda here.

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