Signals 19 – The Privacy Paradox: Permission Based Marketing in a Post-Cookie World

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A wrap-up of Richard Jones’ presentation at Signals 19, Chicago. The Privacy Paradox: Permission Based Marketing In A Post-Cookie World.

We live in contradictory times. The consumer of 2019 demands increased privacy and tighter data controls as a fundamental digital right. Easily deliverable until you contrast those expectations with their want for hyper-personalization.

In the post-cookie world, where Google et al are providing internet users with controls that can automatically delete cookie data, privacy regulation is sweeping the globe and the use of third-party data sets to power personalization are all but outlawed this can be a headache for marketers. But for marketers focused on building more meaningful connections with consumers, and collecting the permissions needed to power personalization it needn’t be.

“Consumers want control over their info, so marketers will turn to zero-party data. While regulations like Europe’s GDPR and Vermont’s data broker registration law whittle away access to third-party data, marketers will need new ways to augment their existing first-party data. All hail zero-party data.” – Forrester”

Forrester’s #1 Prediction For B2C Marketers: A Pivot To Zero-Party Data

Proactive marketers see this seismic shift in the marketing landscape as a time of digital opportunity. They are connecting directly with consumers and gathering the data, insights, and permissions they need to power personalized marketing across all stages of the customer lifecycle. Rather than inferring, they’re asking. And consumers are willingly and intentionally sharing. This is called zero-party data.

Quite simply zero-party data is a class of data which a customer intentionally and proactively shares with a brand. It can include purchase intentions, personal context to improve personalization.

Forrester Predictions

The Zero-Party Data Maturity Model

For brands looking to build out their consumer database and collect zero-party data, they need to evolve from a strategy of merely loading the CRM with email addresses and opt-ins to a philosophy rooted in delivering contextual and hyper-personalized campaigns to consumers.

Cheetah Experiences empowers non-technical marketers to create engaging and interactive experiences that collect zero-party data and insights directly from consumers.

Digitally savvy consumers also need to be entertained, engaged, and receive something in return for their attention and personal data.

cheetah experiences platform

Marketers can deliver this by leveraging interactive digital experiences that conduct market research, accrue opt-ins, and deliver an altogether better experience with a veritable value exchange for the consumer.

Whether via a quirky questionnaire, playful poll, social story, or fully customizable interactive ad unit, campaign marketing experiences that incorporate data-capture capabilities and incentive mechanics, such as unlocking content, instant wins, giveaways, or coupons, to name a few, can help marketers quickly and easily collect zero-party data at speed and scale.

The Zero-Party Data Maturity Model

Learn how to navigate the privacy paradox and collect preference data at scale

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