Simplyhealth Drives Motivation Amongst Followers With Data-Centric Sweepstakes

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To keep its followers motivated and on-track with their running goals, Simplyhealth has launched a data-centric sweepstakes to give participants the chance to win a place at its Great Manchester 10k in May.


      • Capture valuable audience data and marketing opt-ins for future marketing promotions
      • Inspire and motivate followers on their health and fitness journey
      • Promote social sharing actions to drive participation and maximize campaign entries


With summer fast approaching, many of us are taking on running in the challenge to get fit and healthy. To keep its followers on track and motivated to fulfilling their goals, Simplyhealth has published a sweepstakes perfect for those wanting to take their training to the next level; giving away 20 places to Simplyhealth’s Great Manchester 10k in May. With buzzing atmosphere, incredible supporters and booming anthems that rock the city’s streets, there’s every reason for visitors to enter!

To get involved and for the chance to win one of the 20 spots up for grabs, participants are required to complete the embedded form within the campaign page. Upon entry, participants must submit their contact details including their name and email address, as well as a short description listing the reasons they would love to win. Participants are also asked if they are current Simplyhealth customers, and if they would like to be kept informed of the latest emails surrounding its products, services, health information and giveaways. This allows Simplyhealth to segment its audience based on whether they are current or potential customers, which can then be used within future marketing promotions.

Simplyhealth is also promoting social sharing across Twitter and Facebook, where website visitors can share the campaign and encourage their friends to get involved.

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