Simplyhealth Capitalizes On Influential UGC To Motivate Followers On Their Fitness Journey

Jessica WilliamsLast Updated: Health & Beauty, Insurance

To keep us on track and motivated to staying healthy and active, Simplyhealth has introduced an inspirational multi-channel #MillionsMoving social hub, featuring influential user-generated content to help keep followers on track with their journey to good health.


  • Maximize campaign reach and drive engagement across multiple channels
  • Encourage brand advocates to create and share inspiring social content
  • Create a ‘go to’ online destination to motivate followers on their fitness journey


With the weather heating up, the longer, brighter evenings coming into play, and summer salads becoming our newest craving, healthy living has never felt easier to stick to. To help keep us on track, Simplyhealth has introduced ‘Millions Moving’, a journey to help encourage the nation to keep moving and stay active. To accompany the campaign, Simplyhealth has used the Wayin platform to launch a #MillionsMoving social hub. Whether it be going on a slow jog around the park, or a more intense session hitting it hard at the gym, the #MillionMoving hub features all types of inspirational user-generated content to act as the ultimate motivation.


To maximize campaign reach and drive audience engagement, Simplyhealth is asking followers to share a photo to show how they’re taking part in the #MillionsMoving movement. Simplyhealth can then use the dedicated hashtag to filter and publish the best content to the social hub embedded on the Millions Moving website.

Website visitors can then browse, share and take inspiration from others in their step to health and happiness. To fully engage visitors, the hub also includes inspirational stories, features, insights and the latest competitions to drive repeat audience visitation. What’s more, Simplyhealth has embedded tagging options within the social wall, enabling fans to filter through content by name, date or by random, improving the browser experience.


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