Simplyhealth Restores Healthy Brand Advocacy With Multi-Channel UGC Sweepstakes

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To keep us on track to staying fit and healthy throughout the Christmas season, Simplyhealth has launched a multi-channel UGC sweepstakes to ask its followers what they do to take care of their health as 2016 draws to a close.


  • Maximize campaign reach and drive engagement across multiple channels
  • Encourage brand advocates to create and share inspiring social content
  • Amass valuable audience data and opt-ins for future marketing promotions
  • Increase Simplyhealth’s social following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


It’s approaching that time of the year where many of us lack the motivation to stay fit and healthy (the festive treats all become a bit too tempting). To keep us on track, and to prepare for the ‘new year, new me’ resolutions come January, Simplyhealth is asking its fans what they do to stay healthy as 2016 draws to a close. From the small things such as keeping hydrated with a glass of water, to embracing the Autumnal scenery with a morning run, Simplyhealth want to hear everyone’s health stories.


To maximize campaign reach and drive engagement, Simplyhealth is asking followers to share a photo of them taking care of their health through Twitter or Instagram, using its chosen hashtag #EverydayHealth, together with @SimplyhealthUK. This enables Simplyhealth to use the Wayin platform to filter through the best submissions, and publish them to the live social hub embedded on its website and Facebook page. Participants also have the option to submit their entry through the form provided within the campaign page, enabling Simplyhealth to drive valuable data acquisition.


To incentivize campaign participation, Simplyhealth is rewarding entrants with the chance to win one of eight Fitbit Flex’s up for grabs, as well as a grand prize of £1,000 in Short Break vouchers for a dream getaway. Participants are also encouraged to submit a new entry every day to increase their chances of winning, and of course to become an overall healthier individual.


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