Increases Website Engagement Using An Interactive Challenge Quiz

Jessica WilliamsLast Updated: Sports, Travel & Tourism

With the skiing season soon approaching, is driving anticipation and maximizing social sharing using an interactive challenge quiz, testing how much skiers really know about Park City.


  • Boost interaction and engagement amongst website visitors
  • Drive social conversation and maximize campaign sharing
  • Inform skiing lovers of all that Park City has to offer to drive bookings


To drive anticipation before the skiing season commences, has published the ultimate challenge quiz to its website, taking participants through a series of 10 knowledge testing questions surrounding Park City. With a selection of exciting year-round events, close access to the town’s historic Main Street, and plenty of bars and restaurants when in need of a little rejuvenation, there’s plenty to learn about the U.S.’ largest ski resort.

For each question, participants have four multiple-choice responses to choose from to see if they’re the Park City, Utah expect they might think they are. From naming Park City’s only ski-in / ski-out distillery, to listing the year in which the Olympics were held in Utah, the questions are designed to really challenge website visitors’ skiing knowledge.

To confirm their entry, has used Captcha integration to validate participants, before providing them with their quiz results. Entrants are then encouraged to share the quiz to Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Google+, where they can challenge their friends to beat their score, in turn maximizing entries.

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