Ski Lake Tahoe Provides Vacation Itinerary Recommendations With Personalized Quiz

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With the skiing season soon approaching, Ski Lake Tahoe has carefully created a custom-built interactive category quiz, providing personalized and recommended skiing itineraries to drive vacation bookings.


  • Capture audience insights surrounding skiing vacation preferences from quiz results
  • Provide website visitors with an engaging and interactive experience
  • Obtain valuable audience data and opt-ins for future marketing promotions
  • Provide trip recommendations to increase vacation bookings


Before the skiing season commences, Ski Lake Tahoe, the ‘go-to’ resource for planning winter vacations, used the Wayin platform to create a custom-built quiz published to its website, providing visitors with an engaging and interactive experience.

With a limit of one entry per day, participants are taken through a series of eight unique questions in relation to their skiing vacation preferences, with six multiple-choice responses to choose from. Whether participants are first-time beginners, and not falling off the chairlift is their biggest challenge on the slopes, or a near enough professional skier, the quiz encourages everyone to get involved in return for the chance to win lift tickets and a range of other exciting prizes.


To obtain valuable audience data that can later be used for marketing promotions, upon completion of the ‘Vacation Like A Local’ quiz, participants are required to submit their name and email address to confirm their entry, and can ‘opt-in’ to keep informed of the latest news and offers. To drive vacation bookings, participants are then provided with a recommended ski vacation itinerary, specifically suited to their preferences and abilities obtained from their quiz responses.


“It was important to us to add points of engagement for our target consumers as part of this overall content marketing program and we knew that we could build it dynamically within the Wayin platform. Our quiz combined two things that we know are of interest to travelers: their interest in creating an itinerary, and also some “insider knowledge,” or a local’s take on where they’re traveling to beyond an average concierge desk or Yelp to help fill up that itinerary. We’re delivering that with this solution but also containing our storytelling platform by showcasing some locals, and the culture of Lake Tahoe as a destination” – Eric Doyne, Founder, DispatchCommunications


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