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Social Media Week London: Agility In The Platform Space

Danny O'ReillyLast Updated: Events, social

As the sun sets on day one of Social Media Week London, and the clatter of coffee cups is replaced with the clink of prosecco flutes, we reflect on a day where marketing agility was a key theme. Highlighted in Buzzfeed’s pertinent keynote: Agility In The Platform Space.

When change is the norm, marketing agility becomes a true business weapon. And change in the platform space is omnipresent, at lightning speed. It’s a brand’s ability to be agile to these shifts that will define the winners and losers of digital disruption.

Here are the key points and Wayin’s takeaways:

Be The Content That People Love (Don’t Interrupt The Content They Love)

There was a reason consumers stopped clicking on digital ads. As brands sought to push their message wider and further, they started delivering flashy, shouty ads in more intimate contexts. Consumers became banner-blind and eventually began installing free ad blocking tech.

To navigate this paradigm shift in consumer behavior, brands need to move from interruptions to experiences. Delivering content users want to engage with, not avoid. Ad experiences need to become new and innovative like they once were a long time ago if they want to connect with consumers.

Brands need to focus on delivering experiences within ads that pique consumer interest and encourage engagement. Whether it be a quiz, poll, interactive social story or some compelling curated content, you need to focus on engagement instead of reach and impressions.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Facebook shifts its algorithm almost daily, Instagram dishes out new functionality and users delete Snapchat based on a tweet from Kylie Jenner.

Brands too wedded to one platform or channel will miss digital opportunity when it knocks. You want to be Netflix, not Blockbuster. That means if one channel isn’t performing, or your audience jump to the latest emerging platform, you are ready to go with them.

The Wayin App store revolutionizes the way marketers create, build and deliver interactive experiences across all digital channels and platforms. Our ever-growing collection can be rapidly localized and deployed to any social channel or digital touchpoint, from the smallest ad placements, to the largest digital screens, from microsites to mobile screens. If it’s digital, it’s covered.

See you at day 2 tomorrow, and pop over to the Wayin booth to learn how we can help your brand deliver experiences over interruptions. And don’t miss our keynote on Friday at 12:20 with Bauer Media: Can Privacy & Personalisation Co-Exist?

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