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Social Stories: Why Consumers Trust Influencers And Experiences

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There has always been a standoff between social engagement and purchase. From the consumers’ perspective, Instagram and other channels have been a walled garden, used to connect with friends, idly wile away some time on public transport, with minimal brand engagement or purchasing intent.

If you were at a party chatting with friends, you wouldn’t want to be accosted by a salesperson trying to peddle a pair of sneakers. And this is why brands have been met with such resistance when it comes to social selling. But, by harnessing the power of influencers, this has all changed.

83% of consumers trust recommendations from their peers over advertising

As skepticism towards brands and traditional forms of advertising increases, consumers are turning to their peers for recommendations. And proactive marketers are leveraging influencers to seize this golden opportunity, and connect with mobile and digital natives on their channels of choice.

Distribution Of Content, Not Creation

Influencers, by their very nature, share their daily experiences and intertwine with the products they love, allowing their loyal, uber-engaged followers to visualize how these products would fit into their own lives.

And by interacting with their followers in the comments and on feeds, the product placement moves away from being an ad, and becomes a conversation with a trusted friend. Inviting traffic as opposed to driving it.

25% better conversion rate for earned content on owned channels than glossy product shots

To monetize, brands and influencers can add custom call-to-actions into posts or social stories that drive PII data collection or basket building for the exact audience they want to target. See below how Starwood Resorts & Hotels created a path to purchase doing just that.

How Starwood Hotels In Hawaii Creates a Social Path to Purchase on Website Homepage

Starwood Hotels & Resorts used Wayin to create a social path to purchase from their website’s homepage social hub by applying custom call-to-action ‘View Offers’ buttons on it’s earned Instagram content, neatly directing visitors to the latest online hotel offers.



Irrespective of the careful planning and well-thought out strategy, online campaigns have a rather limited shelf life. Through a combination of algorithm shifts, whatever’s new, and lack of resource, yesterday’s campaign is quickly forgotten.

But influencer content sticks around that little bit longer. The higher engagement than branded posts keeps it top of news feeds, giving you more, and new sets of eyeballs.

But there’s still a disconnect: how to drive this hyper-engaged audience from social channels to owned sites where you can truly influence purchasing intent?

84% of millennials say user-generated content has influenced what they buy

By displaying authentic influencer content and persuasive Instagram photos within eCommerce experiences that feature actionable contextual links within social hubs e.g. ‘Buy Now’ calls-to-actions, brands can monetize influencer content, increase sales and prove measurable ROI.


The Solution to ad-blockers and ad apathy

Consumers don’t just ignore ads, they actively avoid them. And through a combination of banner-blindness, boring ad formats, rising ad blocking tech adoption and woefully low click-through rates, it’s clear that traditional digital ads just aren’t clicking any more.

38% of US adults have installed ad blocking tech

Influencer content is your workaround. No need to splurge erroneous bucks and resource chasing clicks on static images and auto-playing videos. Digital transformation and influencer marketing creates new, interactive ways to share experiences. Driving real engagement and getting consumers to take an action: to vote, to share, to click, to purchase. Circumventing the ad blockers.

Social Stories and interactive experiences

Wayin’s technology provides endless opportunities for proactive brands to deliver influencer  marketing experiences that are not just highly visual, but interactive too.

Social Stories finally allows brands to optimize influencer content on Instagram and Snapchat Stories, by incorporating sweepstakes, quizzes and instant win mechanics into the stories, allowing brands to collect first-party PII data for more personalized experiences, and ultimately, higher click-through rates.

Wayin-powered Social Stories are mobile first, not mobile responsive. No waiting for slow content to load, clunky responsive sites or needless navigation. Swipe up, and enjoy instant loading interactive experiences.

Delivering interactive experiences through influencers gives brands the opportunity to create a new, trusted connection with consumers. Cutting the dependency on digital ads and focusing efforts on creating experiences that drive action.


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