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Social Stories: Why Time Is Money

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We live in an age of instant gratification. Modern consumers demand one-click checkout, supplemented by same day delivery. Dates at the swipe of a finger and live tracking of their brunch being delivered.

They refuse to wait longer than a solitary second for content to load, and have installed sophisticated ad blocking tech to circumvent static and autoplaying digital ads.

Yet there’s a disconnect. Ads within social social stories, the domain on the Millennial, Gen Z, and all other savvy social types, take not one, not two, but around five seconds to load. By which time your viewer has long gone, moving to the next story in their feed.

Irrespective of how fun or engaging the content was, it’s not going to get seen. Like sending a well crafted email and forgetting the subject line, or placing a billboard in a blindspot, if no ones sees or engages with it, it’s a waste of time.

Here we’ll talk about how to get your content not only seen, but how to make it interactive. And how Social Stories can be the catalyst for improved brand storytelling, increased engagement and help you hit your acquisition goals.

Tell Your Brand Story

Storytelling is the cornerstone of every brand’s growth strategy but as traditional formats lag, click-through rates dwindle and TV viewers skip through ads, it’s becoming increasingly difficult than ever to convey core messaging to target audiences.

Social Stories has proven the value of real, uncut content in the eyes of audiences, documenting your journey to make your brand approachable. Telling stories about your product, services and customers that creates brand loyalty, and vastly increases the chances of a purchase and referrals.

Incentivize Engagement

Consumers are tired of content they can’t engage with. Upon swiping up, they want more than five slides of the traditional broadcast approach.

Digital transformation is about creating new, interactive ways to share experiences, and that’s what Social Stories can provide. However, the onus is on brands to drive real engagement, by encouraging users to take action: to vote, to share, to comment, to purchase.

From user-generated content to quizzes, live polls to meme generators, these real-time campaign types can be embedded into Social Stories, help you stand out, and drive action.

Collect PII Data

In light of the recent GDPR legislation and ongoing Cambridge Analytica scandal, brands know more than ever that they need to assuage third-party data sets and the surreptitious tactics used to acquire it.

Declared PII data allows brands to build direct relationships with consumers, and in turn, better personalize their marketing efforts. A window into their motivations, interests, intentions, preferences, and what really makes them tick.

Social Stories allows you to do this, seamlessly incorporating data capture mechanics, that collect uber-relevant information from potential customers that can fuel your marketing and product development and recommendations.

Wayin Social Stories are built mobile first, not mobile responsive. Lightening fast, immersive experiences that harness the power of Social Stories with natural gesture behavior, elegant animations and content you can’t help but swipe.

No waiting for slow content to load, clunky responsive sites or needless navigation. Swipe up, and enjoy instant loading interactive experiences that collect declared PII data.

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