Starwood Social Scene Campaign

Starwood Hotels in Hawaii Launch UGC-Powered Social Hubs Across 11 Websites

Georgia ScottLast Updated: Travel & Tourism

To add more social depth across their websites and convert consumers, Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Hawaii have created a series of UGC-powered social hubs, displaying the best earned and owned social content.

Marketing Campaign Objectives

  • Add social depth to websites to engage visitors
  • Increase website conversions with UGC call-to-actions
  • Comply with UGC Rights Management
  • Encourage UGC creation and sharing across multiple social channels
  • Maintain brand style across 4 hotel chains and 11 different property websites as well as a regional level website

UGC Social Hub Solution

With help from Wayin, Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Hawaii are creating the perfect online ‘Social Scene’ across all of their Property websites, with their latest social hub campaign, produced within the Advocacy feature of the platform.

Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Hawaii are getting visitors both past and present to connect with them online, predominately via Twitter and Instagram by sharing photos of their stay and hashtagging individual resort names. Each hotel has its own account and hashtag feed, for example, #RoyalHawaiian and #StRegisPrinceville, with the best examples of UGC being curated and published onto the social hub. Fans are also encouraged to ask questions to the brand via Twitter, to activate further social conversation.

User Generated Content Call-to-Actions and Rights Management

To convert website visitors from UGC, the social hubs features ‘View Offers’ call-to-action buttons, neatly directing visitors to the latest online hotel offers. This earned content displayed on the hub has image rights requested, using the platforms Rights Management feature, where consumers have responded willingly to having their UGC displayed alongside call-to-actions.

To incorporate a cohesive look and feel across the different websites, each chain has a dedicated style theme created on the platform, linking seamlessly to their current brand image.

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