Stuff NZ Launches Sponsored Quiz With Tourism Fiji To Drive Shareable Content

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To coincide with its ‘Bulanaires’ campaign, Stuff NZ has teamed up with Tourism Fiji to publish a shareable quiz to its webpage. Participants can work their way through the quiz to see where they fit on ‘The Bularometer’, before sharing their Bula spirit result directly through social media.


      • Drive and perpetuate website visits via a fun, shareable experience
      • Inspire social sharing across Twitter and Facebook to drive website traffic and maximize campaign reach


In Fiji, ‘Bula’ is more than just a greeting. It’s a wish for happiness, good health and the energy of life. To capitalize on the true meaning of ‘Bula’, Stuff NZ; a subsidiary of Fairfax partnered with Tourism Fiji to launch a campaign centered around measuring wealth based on happiness as opposed to financial success. To align with its campaign, Stuff NZ published a shareable quiz to its website, titled ‘The Bularometer’.

From understanding what it is that makes visitors smile, to discovering more about participants’ greatest strengths, participants can work their way through three simple personality-based questions to discover where they sit on The Bularometer. Upon completion of the quiz, participants are provided with a visual description of where they sit on the scale; so whether they have a way to go before reaching full Bula spirit, or are already bursting with positive vibes and happiness, the results are bound to put a smile on participants’ faces.

To maximize campaign reach and really share the Bula spirit, Stuff NZ is also encouraging participants to share their results with their friends and family through Twitter of Facebook, using the social share buttons provided.

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