How Telecoms Brands Can Connect Digital Marketing With Consumers white paper

How Telecoms Brands Can Connect Digital Marketing With Consumers

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Telecoms brands and digital innovation have always gone hand-in hand. But being at the forefront of digital marketing trends comes with its own set of unique challenges.

What consumers enjoyed just a few years ago as a revolutionary perk, they now expect as a given from telecoms brands. No longer satisfied with dial-up internet and patchy 3G, they demand super-fast broadband and blanket 4G coverage as a fundamental human right. It will be one or two years before 5G is the expected norm.

As consumers shop around for the best deal, competition increases and every provider offers add ons such as complementary devices and unlimited data, calls and texts, it has become veritable race to the bottom. Coupled with the abolishment of data roaming charges in many territories and an uptick in mergers and acquisitions, telecoms brands are beginning to feel the squeeze.

That’s why telecoms providers need to find a new differentiator to engage with consumers and connect with them on every digital touchpoint, with digital marketing campaigns that keep their brand front-and-centre when it’s purchasing time.

As digital marketing advertising budgets continue to shrink, click-through rates drop to record low levels, and telecoms revenue per consumer continues to stagnate, marketers are feeling the pressure to build brand awareness and connect with savvy consumers.

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10 Ways Telecoms Brands Can Connect Digital Marketing With Consumers

If telecoms brands focus their digital marketing efforts on tariffs, data, texts and coverage, they’ll be caught in a never ending price war. And there’s always a sim-free disruptor ready to undercut even the most generous of providers.

Instead, they need to develop a digital marketing narrative around their brand that creates differentiation in the mind of the consumer, and apply engagement tactics that build a loyal band of advocates. Raising the conversation above and beyond price and how many free texts one receives in their bundle.

With this in mind, here are 10 successful telecoms digital marketing strategies for telecommunications brands in 2018 to be employed across all digital touchpoints.

  • Telling A Compelling Brand Narrative
  • Socializing Digital Properties
  • Making Customers Your Best Marketers
  • Connecting Consumers With Big Events
  • Making Customers Loyal
  • Optimizing Your Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Basing Decisions On Insight
  • And More…

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Telecoms Digital Marketing: How Brands Can Connect With Consumers