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The Biggest Problems Marketers Face In 2018, And How Wayin’s New Platform Solves Them

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With Wayin CEO Richard Jones

The job of the digital marketer is more difficult than ever. Tasked with engaging more discerning and elusive consumers, on rapidly evolving channels, whilst somehow driving efficiency and reducing costs. It may sound like a bit of a fool’s errand, but that is the job specification.

So we sat down with Wayin CEO, Richard Jones, to discuss this seemingly impossible task, and how the new Wayin Platform can solve it.

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Why do marketers struggle to deliver interactive experiences across multiple digital channels efficiently?

The crux of the issue here is that web content management systems weren’t built to create interactive marketing experiences that can be embedded across paid, owned and earned channels.

Once, the website was the only online destination that allowed consumers to connect with brands. Fast forward to today, and there is a much more fragmented landscape for how brands can connect with digital consumers. There’s new owned media channels, like branded mobile apps, digital screens, in-store or in-venue, there is the rapid growth of earned channels such as social networks and messaging apps, and then there is paid media across display ad networks, social platforms and other ad funded businesses.

In the digital age why do ad engagement rates continue to drop?

Ad buying platforms help you buy ads, but they don’t help you deliver interactive experiences through the ad units themselves.

Digitally savvy consumers want a truly digital experience when brands connect with them. Hence the horrendous click-through rates on display and social advertising, of 0.06% and lower. Where all you can do is interrupt someone with a video or image based ad that they can’t interact with, and doesn’t collect data on behalf of the advertiser. It’s no wonder behemoth brands like P&G and Unilever are shifting billions from traditional digital ads to interactive brand experiences.

Brands need PII data, will they struggle to gather marketing opt-ins and audience insights in a GDPR compliant way?

Marketing automation platforms don’t have a library of interactive experiences to help you collect PII data and don’t specialize in providing the tools to configure experiences that engage consumers.

Brands across all verticals need to know who their customers are. Whether in travel, media or consumer goods, if you don’t know your customers, you can guarantee that Amazon or a disruptor like Harry’s or Dollar Shave Club does. The biggest advertisers in the world now need to profile their customers and collect data if they want to get closer to their customers.

Surely brands can’t be innovative and engaging, and reduce costs too?

By leveraging the platforms we’ve discussed, marketer’s will always have their campaigns stifled by either lack of innovation, out-of-date technology or escalating costs. Marketer’s need to be able to rapidly share and reuse interactive experiences across divisions, brands and markets. Thus driving efficiency and reducing build costs.

So what’s the answer?

>Wayin’s new release was built specifically to help marketers tackle these four problems, with the help and co-operation of many of the world’s largest brands, agencies, publishers and ad platforms. Empowering marketers with the technology to deliver interactive experiences across every digital channel that engage and collect data, all-the-while driving cost savings and efficiencies.

Great, but how does it deliver?

Firstly, in early 2017 we launched the Wayin App Store, a personal Campaign App Library for brands, packed with interactive experiences that could be rapidly cloned, optimized and published across markets, departments and divisions, to any digital touchpoint. Substantially reducing marketing costs, and allowing brands to publish to any paid, owned or earned channel efficiently.

But how does it solve the problem of low engagement levels for social ads?

The age of interruptive ads is over. Consumers more than ever expect to be entertained, engaged with and get something from the brands they follow.

That’s why Wayin has developed revolutionary interactive storytelling capabilities, specifically optimized to be published in Instagram Stories, Snapchat Stories, Twitter, Facebook Ads and ad networks like Google Double Click. Harnessing elegant animations, natural gesture behavior and rapidly loading to enhance the user experience.

No redirects to brand websites, or clunky, slow loading pages full of unnecessary navigation and information. Keeping your digital native engaged and not moving on to the next story.

With Wayin, customers have used our platform to create interactive stories from hotel bookings to product launches, that load instantly, and the users think they are still in the social network environment. What’s more, you can easily collect data in these fast loading mobile experiences with things like sweepstakes and instant win mechanics, helping brands collect PII data from their media spend.

How else can brands differentiate themselves from their competitors?

As digital consumers get more sophisticated, they have become blind to flashy ads and glossy product images. But by merging branded content with user-generated content, brands can celebrate social proof, boost storytelling and differentiate themselves from competitors which will see huge upticks in sales and conversions.

In today’s landscape it’s just as important to celebrate the stories that users create organically around a brand, as the content created by the brand. The team at Wayin strives to help marketers leverage social advocacy throughout the customer journey. That is why we have added a new set of social content and data displays that can be created quickly, managed efficiently and cloned to scale at even the largest brands. Our latest set of social displays makes it easier than ever to capture, curate and display social content that can be showcased on any digital channel. From mobile apps to product pages, television screens to Times Square. You can even leverage UGC in your Social Stories and paid media.

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