The Gin Kin Launches Data-Centric Sweepstakes To Build Its CRM Database

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Calling all gin lovers! To support the growth of the new online gin community, The Gin Kin, DC Thomson Media launched a series of weekly sweepstakes campaigns to encourage newsletter signups and foster commercial partnerships. The ability to drive engagement and boost marketing opt-ins was invaluable for The Gin Kin in driving first-party data capture for its several commercial clients.


  • Build a newsletter list for The Gin Kin, using weekly prizes to incentivize first-party data and marketing opt-ins
  • Commercialize third-party data capture for our clients while remaining GDPR compliant
  • Drive traffic to The Gin Kin’s new website to meet page view targets


With summer being the prime gin-drinking season, there’s no better time to introduce the brand new online gin publication, The Gin Kin. Following the exciting launch, DC Thomson Media published a series of weekly gin giveaways to drive engagement, boost traffic and maximize newsletter sign-ups for the site. Created in-house by The Gin Kin team, these experiences incentivized first-party data capture by offering entrants the chance to win a different bottle of gin each and every week.

To enter, participants were required to answer one simple question, often surrounding the prize on offer, and could complete their entry by submitting their personal details to the form provided. To capture valuable audience data that can be reused in future marketing communications, participants also had the option to opt-in to review the latest news and exclusive offers from The Gin Kin.


  • Drove newsletter signups from 0 to 7k in 6 months
  • On average, 1/3 of participants opted-in to receive The Gin Kin’s marketing emails
  • Played a significant role in increasing site traffic to hit 200k page views
  • The campaign supported The Gin Kin’s efforts in increasing Facebook reach, engagement and following

Commercializing Third-Party Data Capture

Following on from the success of growing its own newsletter list from the ground up, The Gin Kin team spotted an opportunity to commercialize third-party data capture, whilst also remaining fully GDPR compliant. Marketing this option to new distilleries as a quick way to grow their email database, The Gin Kin worked with several clients to deliver one week giveaway campaigns with third-party data opt-ins.

Similar to the sweepstakes used to drive sign-ups for its own newsletter, The Gin Kin incentivized third-party opt-ins for its clients by offering a bottle of gin prize incentive, and a call-to-action button was featured on the confirmation page linking to the clients’ website.

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