The Hauntist Increases Engagement Using Spooky Interactive Quiz

Jessica WilliamsLast Updated: Media & Publishing

To keep its website updated with interactive and engaging content for visitors, Destination America’s spooky site, The Hauntist, has created a quiz for all cat owners, asking the eerie question ‘Is Your Cat Possessed?’.


  • Stimulate online engagement using an interactive website experience
  • Increase dwell-time on The Hauntist’s website
  • Capture valuable audience data and opt-ins for future marketing promotions
  • Drive quiz entries through social sharing across Twitter and Facebook


Halloween may be over, but spooky topics, paranormal sightings and ghostly investigations aren’t just a once-a-year topic at Destination America Go’s website The Hauntist, owned by the media brand Discovery. Recognized as the go-to online source for paranormal information, The Hauntist has embedded a short interactive quiz to increase online engagement with website visitors, in turn maximizing the duration visitors spend on the site.

The Hauntist is asking all cat owners (or in fact anyone seeking a little fun), ‘Is Your Cat Possessed?’ in its spooky five-questioned quiz. Whether owner’s cats eyes are black, like their soul, or are hissing in the corner while staring with glowing eyes, this quiz is guaranteed to spook anyone who takes part.


In order to capture valuable audience data to be reused within future marketing promotions, participants are asked to submit their name and email address on completion of the quiz, and can opt-in to receive information from Discovery Communications. Quiz participants are then presented with their personalized result, revealing how possessed their cat really is. Those who entered can then share their result through Facebook or Twitter, maximizing campaign reach, and have the chance to take the quiz again.



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