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Richard JonesLast Updated: Zero-Party Data

Sometimes it’s easier to show someone rather than tell them.

Despite marketing technology advancements, brands are still struggling to unify and activate customer data.

Indeed, proactive marketers are turning to self-reported data to power their marketing, and away from aggregated lists, and third-party data sets, but they still struggle with internal silos and how to put that data to work.

Traditional customer data platforms, although positioned in the market as the answer, lack the seamless coordination marketers need to create cross-channel customer experiences at scale. Until now…

Built specifically for marketers, the Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite is the only solution in the market that combines the depth and breadth of a robust data platform with real-time, cross-channel execution capabilities in a single, unified solution.

Comprised of Cheetah Experiences, Cheetah Messaging, and Cheetah Loyalty with the powerful, foundational data layer of Cheetah Engagement Data Platform, our full Customer Engagement Suite can deliver a complete lifecycle set of solutions for marketers – from acquisition through to loyalty.

Cheetah Experiences

Cheetah Experiences give marketers the tools to rapidly create fun and engaging interactive experiences that offer a value exchange in return for preference data. This is zero-party data. Business analysts Forrester define it as a form of data intentionally and proactively shared with you by the consumer and never collected through snooping, cookie tracking or inferred through variables like device matching.

Markerters collect this by connecting directly with consumers through Cheetah Experiences and gathering the data, insights, and permissions they need to power personalized marketing across all stages of the customer lifecycle. Rather than inferring, they’re asking, and consumers are willingly and intentionally sharing.

It is quite simply data your customer has willingly shared with you, like purchase intentions and preferences to improve personalization and help build up a picture of who they are.

Cheetah Messaging

Cheetah Messaging enables marketers to manage every campaign and channel in a single interface, making it easy to build multifaceted communications that deliver a value exchange across every interaction.

Powered by our engagement data management platform, Cheetah Messaging has the robust insights and optimized data that marketers need to deliver the right, personalized messages to customers on a one-to-one basis.

Cheetah Loyalty

Loyalty is about more than a free latte on your customer’s tenth visit. Establishing an emotional connection between your brand and customers is the height of marketing success. Achieving it requires a complex, dynamic orchestration of activities and behaviors between your brand and customers that drive engagement at every touchpoint.

Our technology and services deliver frictionless interactions that will transform your customers’ experiences, increase their visit frequency and spend, and drive the advanced loyalty your brand craves.

That’s why Cheetah Digital was recognized as a ‘Loyalty Leader’ in the latest Forrester Wave.


Introducing Cheetah Experiences

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