The Telegraph Launches Sponsored Personality Quiz To Learn Vacation Preferences

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This summer, The Telegraph has teamed up with travel agents; Hayes & Jarvis, Sovereign and Citalia to launch a travel personality quiz. Focused around understanding readers’ travel preferences, the quiz helps to whittle down the never-ending vacation options for its readers.


      • Gain a deeper understanding around its audiences vacation preferences
      • Capitalize on sponsors to boost campaign awareness and increase audience reach
      • Boost engagement and dwell-time on its ‘Travel’ webpage


In a world of ever-expanding choice, The Telegraph and its sponsors are lending its readers a helping hand in choosing the optimum get-away that best suits them. Just in time for summer vacation planning, The Telegraph published a personality quiz to its website, taking readers through a journey of four interactive questions where they could select their travel preferences.

From learning what it is that escapism means to readers, to understanding which vacation activity would be their top choice, the quiz offered a series of personality-based questions to discover what type of traveler its readers are, based on their travel preferences and motivations. To maximize campaign entry conversions, The Telegraph simply asks participants to complete the quiz questions without a data-capture barrier.

Whether visitors are a keen local explorer, an adventure traveler or a luxury vacation seeker, users are presented with a short description of the type of traveler they are on completion of the quiz. Users are also encouraged to tailor-make their perfect escape through The Telegraph’s recommended sponsored travel agent. What’s more, to accompany the quiz, The Telegraph is promoting a travel sweepstakes where users have the chance to win £2,000 towards their dream vacation!

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