Tourism Fiji Captures First-Party Data & Provides Personalized Resort Recommendations

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With vacation-goers on the hunt for the best deals and resort options around, Tourism Fiji is lending a helping hand to provide its followers with personalized resort recommendations in Fiji. The category quiz is designed to target the interests of families vs. couples, where participants can work their way through the quiz to find their dream vacation best suited to their wants and needs… a match made in heaven!


    • Use a vacation prize incentive to capture valuable first-party data and marketing opt-ins
    • Drive booking conversions by revealing personalized Fiji resort recommendations
    • Maximize online engagement through visual, entertaining quiz content


With hundreds of stunning islands to choose from, we are spoilt for choice when deciding on the best places to go in Fiji. To help vacation-goers choose the vacation perfect for them, Tourism Fiji has recently launched a ‘Fiji Resort Match-Maker’ quiz campaign. Published to its Facebook page, the quiz takes participants through seven questions, where Tourism Fiji is driving participation by giving fans the chance to win their dream trip to Fiji.

Whether participants are passionate about discovering hidden gems deep beneath the Fijian caves, or prefer lazing on the beach after a morning yoga session, the quiz is designed to help families and couples find their perfect vacation suited to their interests. Participants can then complete their entry by submitting their name, email address, gender and age group to provide Tourism Fiji with detailed first-party audience data that can be synced to their CRM database.

After the match-maker quiz has worked its magic, participants are provided with a selection of personalized Fiji resort recommendations specifically based on their selected vacation interests and preferences. Fans can go on to ‘explore more’ for each of the resorts, where they are directed to Helloworld’s bookings pages for further information, ultimately driving conversions. What’s more, using the Wayin platform, Tourism Fiji has also designed an eye-catching email notification sent direct to participants’ inbox, containing their personalized results.

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