How To Turn Prospects Into Customers Through Interactive Experiences

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Whether you’re a marketing technologist trying to load the CRM with high-quality zero-party data, the creative type trying to engage prospects with innovative campaigns, or part of the commercial department cajoling consumers to sign on the dotted line, you’ll all be concerned that your business is making sales.

But there are many roads that lead to the tills ringing, and far too many causes for sale abandonment along the way. Sale or conversion abandonment can be triggered for any number of reasons, whether it be an overzealous salesperson that alienates the customer or them simply getting cold feet and changing their mind.

The key to success in avoiding abandonment is selling the brand and the relationship – not just the product. In the B2B space the customer is looking for a partner not merely a supplier. In the B2C sphere brands need to convey trust and make the customer feel important. This means a fantastic product or service is merely a great starting point, but it’s not a deal clincher.

93% of companies see an uplift in conversion rates from personalization

The modern consumer is a digital native and demands to be entertained and engaged in return for choosing your brand over the competition. Brands can deliver this through interactive experiences that offer a value exchange in return for your prospects’ consideration.

Product trials, coupon codes and the such can do just that, and be the catalyst for driving sales and conversions. With heightened competition, major brands doubling down on their investments, and disruptors taking market share, a good product is no longer all it takes.

Build it and they might come, but marketers who focus on delivering excellent personalized interactive digital experiences will rise above the noise.



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There has always been an unabridged gap between social engagement and purchase. That’s where the power of user-generated content can help. Replacing the glossy product shots with snaps from real customers, and reviews from real people.

And by displaying authentic content within eCommerce experiences that feature actionable contextual links within social hubs, brands can monetize UGC to lift sales and prove measurable ROI.

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19.9% increase in product sales


Product trials aren’t just your gateway into your customers psyche, you can also build trust by offering them a no strings demo. These ways of testing out your product can be the catalyst for future conversations and ultimately conversions.

Subscription businesses see 75% conversion rates when offering a free trial


Today’s consumers are more connected than ever before, checking emails, social media channels and browsing products on multiple different touchpoints.

For brands, the challenge is to cut through the noise to be able to reach consumers at the right time, on the right channel. This is where leveraging interactive experiences across different channels comes in: an approach that allows brands to seamlessly communicate with consumers across multiple touchpoints.

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