How To Turn Your Customers Into Brand Advocates

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Nothing quite draws a crowd like a crowd. You can have the perfect product, a slick website and a quirky social media presence, but none of these will entirely remove that pang of user scepticism or buyer hesitancy.

Social advocacy provides a dash of credibility as we all trust peers more than a salesperson – no offence commercial departments. The challenge is that it can be tough to elicit the advocacy you require because internet users are evermore wary of endorsing products or businesses.

You need to create fun content that piques interest, delivers what it promises in forms that users trust and encourages competition amongst friends. The more shares you’re getting the more credibility your campaigns carry.

That’s where the power of user-generated content comes in – replacing the faux endorsements and glossy product shots with snaps from real customers and reviews from real people.

Happy customers all have one thing in common: they moved through the customer lifecycle from beginning to end. Everything that could have gone wrong in the awareness, knowledge, selection and loyalty phases didn’t, or snags were sufficiently dealt with

84% of millennials say user-generated content has influenced what they buy

Digitally savvy consumers expect to be entertained, engaged and receive something in return for promoting your brand to their peers. Brands can deliver this through interactive experiences that offer a value exchange in return for your customer’s advocacy. UGC on websites, social channels and stories can do just that.

With heightened competition, major brands doubling down on their investments, and disruptors offering rock-bottom prices to steal market share, a good product is no longer all it takes. Marketers who focus on delivering excellent personalized interactive digital experiences will rise above the noise.



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To reduce money shelled out on paid media, brands can encourage their loyal customer base to promote its products and services to new customers organically. Thus helping your brand become visible to larger audiences and increasing revenue without having to spend on advertising or other traditional marketing initiatives.

MUJI encouraged creativity amongst social consumers by launching a pen art photo contest which encouraged users to share their artistic doodles online.

muji pen ugc contest

3.5k high quality posts submitted


There has always been a standoff between social media and purchase. From the consumers’ perspective, Instagram and the like has been a walled garden, used to connect with friends and idly wile away some time scrolling the newsfeed, with minimal brand engagement or purchasing intent. But, by harnessing the power of influencers or happy customers, this has all changed.

Wayin-powered social stories call-to-action pages load 5x faster than current iterations

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