TVNZ And World Vision Captivates TV Audiences By Standing United In UGC Campaign

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Following from last year’s ‘Selfless Selfie’ image generator campaign, TVNZ has introduced a brand new way of driving awareness around the 40 Hour Famine challenge, encouraging followers to stand together and join the human digital chain. Supporters can then tune in to TVNZ for the exciting chance to see their user-generated content live on TV.


    • Drive awareness around the 40 hour famine and show support for children from South Sudan who have been displaced by conflict and famine
    • Increase campaign virality by engaging both website visitors and TV audiences
    • Capture valuable first-party data
    • Inspire authentic, shareable UGC to maximize reach, in turn boosting campaign awareness


To show their support for the 40 Hour Famine, thousands of New Zealanders are standing united and hand in hand to show their solidarity. In order to maximize awareness of the cause, TVNZ has teamed up with World Vision to ‘Stand United’ in an inspirational social wall, where those wanting to get involved can share a photo of themselves to join the digital chain.

Hosted on the World Vision website, visitors and supporters of the challenge can get involved by uploading their portrait photo to the campaign page, where their arms must be stretched out ready to stand hand in hand. Participants can use the image editing tools provided to adjust their image to be in line with the rest of the chain. To confirm their entry, participants must submit their name and email address, providing TVNZ with valuable first-party data.

On completion, participants can view and share their image through their social channels, inviting friends and family to take part and make history in creating New Zealand’s longest digital chain. TVNZ are even publishing all entries to a social gallery within the campaign page, where participants can see their entry lined up hand in hand with other supporters.

To maximize campaign virality and to engage TV audiences, TVNZ is also encouraging supporters to tune in to TVNZ, where they will be broadcasting the human chain on TV.

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