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User-Generated Content Campaigns: 10 Great Examples from 2014

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User-generated content (UGC) is at the forefront of every great marketer’s mind and an integral part of modern content strategies. And 2014 has been no exception, as we’ve witnessed some shining examples of how brands have literally made their consumers their best marketers by curating a mix of authentic and persuasive user generated content, while utilizing its sharability to help power their marketing campaigns.

Check out these great user generated content campaigns that were launched on the Wayin platform during 2014:

1. Microsoft Mobile – #MakeItHappen

Research shows that people are more likely to hold their resolve if they make a public pledge of their intentions. Therefore, the Mircrosoft Mobile #MakeItHappen user generated content campaign (encouraging anyone with a goal for 2015 to announce it) was a completely fantastic and original idea!

Since December 1st, they’ve been choosing one person’s New Year’s resolution every day, promising to help bring it to fruition in 2015 (can’t wait to see that!) via their awe inspiring 31 day ‘real-time’ countdown social hub on their website and Facebook app. Here’s their enticing Youtube video advert to support the campaign.

With over 5,500 personalized resolutions submitted so far (and counting), this truly stands out as a great advocacy campaign. Talking of which, check out their Mission 31 campaign too.

2. Powershop – #BakeFails


Powershop New Zealand launched a fun and quirky user generated content campaign on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for their fans to post photos of their baking disasters using the aptly named #BakeFails hashtag.

A whole host of submissions were curated and featured on a social hub alongside other culinary catastrophes, where fans also had the chance to win a number of special prizes. This certainly was a fun way to add some authenticity to cooking, and generate lots of interest along the way.

3. Yahoo!7 – 100 Days of Awesome


Yahoo!7 teamed up with Goulburn Valley to make sure their website’s social hub was filled with 100 days of awesome experiences, people, and user generated content. All fans had to do was simply post their most awesome snaps either through Instagram, by tagging #100DaysOfAwesome and @Sunriseon7 or directly through their Yahoo!7 Sunrise website.

To incentivize participation in the contest, one lucky user was awarded $5,000 weekly! The competition was also promoted on the Y!7TV ‘Sunrise’ programme.

4. Air New Zealand – #AirNZPacked


Air New Zealand, had a great year in 2014, winning airline of the year, topping most categories. Plus, their #AirNZPacked social hub user generated content campaign was just as inspiring by encapsulating the excitement and buzz which happens moments before you jet off on your dream vacation.

Holiday-makers uploaded images of their packed suitcases conveying where they were going, and started a sharing frenzy across Pinterest and Twitter. Plus, participation was incentivized with a $1,000 Air New Zealand Holiday voucher for the best photo.


5. UFC – War Paint


To inject some fun and excitement, plus generate ticket sales for the highly anticipated Weidman vs Machida fight, UFC created a user generated content campaign where fans could effectively paint war faces onto their favorite fighters, or even an image of themselves!

Submissions were then aggregated, curated and published to a social hub for fight fans to share and challenge each other across Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.


6. TuneIn – College Sports


The TuneIn #TurnTheGameUp hashtag inspired college football fans to join in the conversation by sharing how they celebrate Game Day on Twitter and Instagram. The best user generated content was regularly selected and published to the #TurnTheGameUp social hub gallery, where posts could later be shared directly from the hub.

As all football updates were curated on one single page on TuneIn’s website, this triggered increased interaction and conversation amongst fans and plenty of user-generated content which they could engage with and relate to.


7. MixRadio – #MixRadioWinehouse


MixRadio ran a series of #MixRadioWinehouse contests through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where the best ‘selfie’ user generated content entries featuring fans listening to Amy or Mitch Winehouse’s (new album) music were featured on their social hub gallery.

To initiate further conversation, interaction and buzz, fans could tweet directly from the social hub, listen to Mitch’s playlist, as well as be directed to download the MixRadio app. Fans also had the chance to win a Nokia Lumia 1020, Monster Purity HD Headphones and Amy Winehouse Foundation merchandise.


8. Arsenal FC – Puma Kit Launch


To promote the launch of their new 2014/2015 Puma kit, Arsenal FC created a social hub that featured user generated content photos of their fans wearing the kit and the chance to win match tickets.

Fans could post a photo of themselves in their new kit to Twitter or Instagram using the #StrongerTogether hashtag and @Arsenal, or could upload their image directly to Facebook.

The social hub brought together all of the action into one place and provided a natural way to drive visitors and sales directly on Arsenal’s online shop.


9. AOL Huffington Post – Wilderness Festival 2014


The ground-breaking digital publisher, AOL Huffington Post partnered with 2014 Wilderness Festival to build a social hub on their Lifestyle website to keep fans up-to-date with an eclectic mix of talks as part of the festival weekend’s HuffPost Conversation Starters.

The Wilderness social hub contained multiple features including workshop promotions, access to tweet directly from the hub itself using #HuffPostWild, a YouTube video containing highlights from Wilderness Festival 2014, and a content hub featuring both user-generated content and updates from AOL Huffington Post’s social sites. This definitely was the one-stop place to go for all social content regarding the Festival!

10. Brit Awards 2014


To promote this year’s BRIT Awards, (the UK’s equivalent of the American Grammy Awards), the organizers used a cool social wall center stage on their website which featured the best user generated content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube around the #Brits2014.

As well as ongoing updates and comments, fans were encouraged to state who they thought deserved to be nominated for a 2014 award via the social hub using the #Brits2014 hashtag. This was a great way to include fans in the voting process among their pop idols.

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