UVM Medical Center Hosts 30 Day Countdown To Drive Anticipation Ahead Of Opening

Jessica Williams Education

To drive anticipation ahead of the new Miller Building opening on site, UVM Medical Center has launched a reveal campaign where website visitors can unlock a new tile each and every day, full of fun facts, quotes and information around the new space.


      • Reveal exclusive and informative content daily to drive repeat audience engagement and website visitation
      • Gain interest around the new Miller Building to inspire blog subscription opt-ins
      • Increase anticipation and awareness for the opening of the new Miller building


With The Robert E. and Holly D. Miller Building due to officially open in just a few days, UVM Medical Center is driving awareness and anticipation with its latest reveal campaign. Complete with interesting facts surrounding the building, exclusive video content giving a sneak-peak tour of the building, and quotes from hospital staff, the campaign covers everything patients need to know.

To drive repeat website visitation and boost awareness around the new opening, UVM Medical Center is counting down the days until the big opening across 30 consecutive days, where participants can unlock a new tile to expose the exclusive content. To build its blog readership, UVM Medical Center has also included a blog subscription option below each tile, where visitors can subscribe to specific blog categories based on their personal interests after submitting their personal contact details.

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