Veet Drives Instagram Engagement With Interactive Social Story & Spotify Playlist Builder

Jessica Williams CPG

To extend audience reach and go beyond simply targeting existing Instagram followers, Veet Canada used Wayin to create a social story ad, where users could swipe up to get involved in the poll and Spotify playlist builder.


      • Use multiple interactive experiences to drive engagement amongst Instagram users
      • Leverage coupon incentives to boost sales of Veet products on
      • Collect first-party data for future marketing promotions


Whether a romantic date is on the cards, or a wild girls’ night on the town, Reckitt Benckiser’s brand, Veet Canada had Instagram users covered in getting ready for their big night. Using the Wayin Platform, Veet created an engaging Instagram social story ad to target and engage potential consumers.

To start interacting, Instagram users exposed to the social story ad could get involved by swiping up. Using the dedicated campaign hashtag, #ReadyForAnything, Veet asks users to swipe left or right depending on which event they are getting ready for; a girls’ night out, or date night with bae. To be able to create their custom ‘get ready’ Spotify playlist and to access a limited time discount coupon code from Veet, participants could submit their personal contact details, including their name and email address directly to the form provided. Participants could also opt-in to receive exclusive marketing emails with coupons, promotions and partner offers.

After submitting their details, participants can start creating their very own custom Spotify playlist to listen to whilst they get ready for their big night ahead! With a selection of songs to choose from, users can click on their favorite hits to automatically sync to their playlist. Consumers can also redeem their exclusive coupons for Veet products on


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