Vodafone Drives Zero-Party Data Surrounding Its 77 Global Roaming Plus Destinations

Jessica Williams Telecoms

To promote the 77 destinations that make up Vodafone’s Global Roaming Plus offering, and to drive zero-party data that can be used to personalize its marketing communications, Vodafone has launched a mobile-first checklist. Users can select where they have traveled around the globe in return for the exciting chance to win.


      • Capture zero-party data around consumers traveling preferences to better personalize Vodafone’s marketing communications and offerings
      • Drive awareness of Vodafone Global Roaming Plus
      • Drive social shares and subsequent engagement on Twitter and Facebook around #RedRoaming


With an impressive 77 roaming destinations, Vodafone is keen to find out more about its consumers and where they have traveled across the globe. From nearby European countries such as Cyprus, Finland and Turkey, to the other side of the globe traveling to Australia and New Zealand, Vodafone published a checklist asking consumers where they have visited.

Split by continent for ease of navigation, users can select the dropdown to begin selecting the destinations they have visited. Complete with eye-catching photos from each location, the mobile-friendly experience is the perfect way to engage and drive interaction amongst consumers.

To confirm their entry, participants can submit their personal details to the form provided, and can opt-in to receive personalized marketing communications from Vodafone. Once a user has selected the destinations and entered their details, they will receive a contextualized result based on the number of destinations they have visited. To incentivize participation, Vodafone is giving consumers the chance to win an incredible £500 worth of Lastminute.com travel vouchers to put towards their vacations! What’s more, participants can also share their results directly through Twitter or Facebook using social sharing actions provided, featuring the dedicated campaign hashtag #RedRoaming.

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