Vodafone Boosts Engagement Using Video Contest With New Zealand Police

Jessica Williams Telecommunications, Telecoms

Together with its technology partner; New Zealand Police, Vodafone NZ is helping to spread the word about the new non-emergency phone number, using the Wayin platform to launch an engaging video contest involving the entire community.


      • Promote and drive awareness around the new 105 non-emergency number
      • Seamlessly gather rich user-generated content in video format
      • Collect valuable first-party audience data


Being proud technology partners of the New Zealand Police, Vodafone NZ is helping to promote their new 105 number for non-emergency calls. Complete with a video featuring a catchy 105 song, Vodafone used the Wayin platform to launch a video contest where visitors can get involved in re-creating their own version, with the option to download the song lyrics and the instrumental version to begin practicing.

Driving engagement across the whole community, Vodafone and New Zealand Police are encouraging colleagues, school pupils, friends and family to get involved in the lighthearted contest. Whether participants would prefer to lip sync, dance or even change up the lyrics, they can get as creative as they like when filming their entries. To incentivize participation and maximize campaign awareness, Vodafone is giving participants the exciting chance to win part of a total prize pool of $13,000; splitting the prize between five unique categories.

To get involved, participants are required to submit their personal details in the form provided, as well as their school or company name and the number of people featured in the video. Entrants can then submit their video using the direct video file upload option, and confirm the T&C’s.

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